Thompson Builders

Owner Bryan Thompson of Thompson Builders knows how to build all aspects of a high quality home. While learning the business at the early age of twenty-one, he also learned the value of hard work. He labored the third shift at a bearings plant in Laurens, SC, then headed to job sites and worked with a roofing crew, every day. When he started his own company in Beaufort in 1997, he based it on that work ethic and a business model that has proven to be efficient and successful.

In an effort to control labor costs and build more productively, Thompson Builders utilizes its own team, offering full service home design building, maintenance and remodeling services. In addition to an in-house draftsman, Thompson Builders has foundation and framing crews, electricians, painters, trim specialists, custom cabinetry builders and installers on staff. Thompson rarely uses subcontractors. He has forty-eight employees, four licensed contractors and one loyal team member who has been with Thompson Builders since 1999.

Bryan Thompson takes the hands-on approach to building. Often he’s seen erecting roof trusses and digging footings himself, taking ownership of what will become a lasting foundation and his personal footprint of classic Lowcountry design in Beaufort.

“One of my favorite parts of residential construction is the framing. It’s the bones of the house. When that function is complete, you can really begin to see the progress of our client’s future home,” explains Bryan. “But all of the functions are exciting, and there’s no better feeling than to see that final finish get coated on the hardwood floors. It means I can soon give the keys to the owners.”

In 2008 and 2009, when the construction industry fell upon hard economic times in Beaufort County, Thompson Builders found its way to maintain and prosper. At present, Thompson Builders is revered to be one of the most successful construction companies in the Lowcountry, building several residential projects at a time while staying devoted to the local economy.

Bryan Thompson is a man of integrity who places emphasis on reliable, quality construction. His desire to build a comfortable space for all types of families is his first priority. His attention to detail is a direct result of his commitment to his client’s needs and his company’s esteemed reputation.

Thompson Builders