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Gracious Living: grounded in tradition, redefined for the future.                                                                                   

Throughout our American past, a house’s burning front light has been a beacon calling us to the welcome warmth and security of home. It is a symbol of hospitality to our neighbors. It illuminates a sense of community spirit that safeguards our children and neighborhoods. Our name—Front Light Building Company—reflects our intention to be more than a builder of superior crafted homes. We are dedicated to creating a lifestyle that retains the best of small-town life tradition, complemented by a forward-thinking vision for the future. We are committed to three timeless standards: craftsmanship, quality, and community. Based in South Carolina, Front Light is creating Lowcountry living at its absolute best.

The Front Light Building Company is dedicated to building houses with top-quality construction standards and creating living environments that promote healthy, meaningful and engaging lifestyles. We build in locations selected for their capacity to foster a sense of place and community, which also provide convenient access to amenities and recreational resources. Our top priority is to serve our clients’ needs through our commitment to craftsmanship, quality and community.

Our team brings more than 60 years of combined experience in the homebuilding and design industry. We’ve witnessed the missteps the industry has made in the past. Excess, wasted space and “too much” of everything no longer serve our clients or our communities.

Front Light is committed to craftsmanship—which encompasses environmental stewardship, masterfully maximized space planning, high quality construction and energy efficiency. These standards, plus Front Light’s commitment to economic value and affordability are what enable us to build superior homes.

Front Light builds homes for individuals, couples and families who want a refined, gracious lifestyle and appreciate the concept of “smart living.” Our open floor plans—ranging from 1,800 to 2,400 square feet—promote easy, low-maintenance living while creating space for family life and entertaining. Each floor plan seamlessly integrates public/private and indoor/outdoor spaces, to create a home that feels spacious and intimately comfortable.

Choosing a house that’s right for you.

Front Light offers a series of crafted home plans to accommodate a variety of lifestyles. Our floor plans are skillfully designed to take advantage of where you spend the most time. They are as comfortable for quiet-stay-at-home-evenings as they are for entertaining friends and out-of-town guests.

Front Light believes that gracious living depends on quality. Each home we build is not only beautiful on the outside, all of our homes come with quality finishes—like granite counters and hardwood floors—that other builders consider upgrades.

To assure this quality extends throughout each home we build, Front Light has developed an innovative approach to the interior design process. In partnership with the award winning design firm Anne Hagerty Interiors, Front Light has developed three carefully crafted design packages that guarantee a refined and distinguished interior.

Each package includes carefully considered design selections—including paint colors, hardware, fixtures, lighting and flooring. This allows the potential homeowner to create the look and feel of a custom designed home minus the frustrating and time-consuming decision process.

Based in South Carolina, Front Light recognizes the importance of community as part of our Southern tradition and lifestyle. We build homes throughout the Southeast region in places that retain the best of small Southern towns—beauty, safety and fine architecture—with the amenities of charming, master-planned communities: playgrounds; hiking trails; waterfront access; shopping, restaurants and state-of-the-art fitness centers. This is gracious, hospitable Southern living with the best of all worlds.

Front Light Building Company