Make Your Home A Pet Friendly One!

Pleasing to Our Pets

The bond between an owner and a pet is an unbreakable one. We take our furry, feathered or sometimes scaly pet home to join our family and have a place they too can call their own too. No matter what type of pet you welcome, give them a space to unwind and play with these adorable and space-saving pet designs.

Who let the dogs out? A family member should not have to sleep outside in unpredictable Virginia weather, so move the dog’s house inside. Find unused space under a coffee table or an outcropping under a staircase to eliminate the use of a crate while still confining “Fido” to one place in the house. A mud room can also be transformed to be pet friendly with easy to clean floors and a quieter space for lazy afternoon naps. Be sure to have treats and tennis balls at the ready.

Puuurr-fect. If you’re a cat owner, you know how much they love to climb, chase and pounce no matter the time of day. Find an old shoe or moving boxes and cover them in soft, carpet-like, or felt, material to provide comfort and grip during play time. You can stack the boxes against a wall or even secure them like you would a shelf to add an extra sense of adventure for your feline friend. Adding feathers or balls on a string will keep your cat entertained for days and (hopefully) keep them from finding a new scratching post.

Bunny beds. Rabbits loves to sleep just as much as hopping around. Give their sleeping space a makeover by making a personalized bed instead of a crate. If you are still wanting the extra protection at night, transform an old television hutch into their new living space. Be sure to keep their area stocked with chew-friendly toys and carrots! This idea is also great for smaller pets such as gerbils, hamsters or chinchillas.

Twitter approved. Whether your feathered family pet is a singing parakeet or a talking parrot, help them feel at home with branches to sit on and plenty of seeds for snacking. Birds learn through their senses, especially touch so include as many textures and shapes to a bird cage to keep them happy and singing all day long. Just like you would a cat, hang string from the top of the cage or throw in a few rattle balls to increase playtime.

While owning a pet is a large responsibility, they bring loyalty, laughs and endless love to our homes. Post a picture of your family-friendly pet on Facebook and tag Pinckney Retreat before sharing. They are every bit as part of our community!